Vampire Status: Extant

Book(s) 1 onwards

Definition: Undead creatures who feed on blood and are not affected by human affliction nor will they age.


Vampires are the third speices to be introduced into the book series A New World, they are normally humans who have died and been reborn into a vampire by another vampire, however there are speculations that witches who delve into the dark magics can also turn humans into these creatures tho this has not been seen. 


the history of this ancient and legendary species is strounded in mystery, as the vampire race grew most saw that there were strength in numbers and so formed what vampires call a blood court, there are many different vampire caughts out their each with their own designated leaders, however regardless of these varying courts and groups all vampires originated from the first vampire in recorded history.


Vampires can get blood from almost any source however depending on the source used the vampires chosen diet can have effects on the vampire.

Human Blood: this is the most potent source of food a vampire has, it has been said by many vampires throughout history that a human blood offers the most sustance and power. 

Animal Blood: for the more moral vampires Animal blood has become an option for them to survive however many vampires choose not to do this as animal blood does not taste very nice some even call it a disgusting habbit.

Blood Bags: blood bags are generally used by vampires who don't want to feed on humans but also do not want to stomace the taste of animal blood, blood bags are better for a vampire then animal blood but not as good as drinking blood straight from a human, the reason why this is, is because the blood took from a human is fresher then one taken from a blood bag. some vampires choose not to drink from blood bags as a lot of the time the taste of human blood even from a blood bag can cause them to get the urge to hunt humans again.

Kitsune Blood: the blood of a kitsune is said to boost the powers of any vampire who ingests it.

Werewolf Blood: if a vampire consumes the blood of a werewolf, the vampire will become incredibly sick for a few hours or even days then die.

Vampire Blood: Vampires can feed from other vampires tho this is rarely seen as it does them next to no good, some older vampires my feed from newly turned vampires as some of their human blood still lingers in their veins.

No Blood at all: a vampire who goes to long with out blood will become extremely feral and hunt for any source of food regardless of who or what it is, after this stage the vampire will become sick to the point wear they are unable to move or speak, and finally if blood is not given to them they will fall into coma their skin turning pale blue, only blood can heal them from this.

Powers and AblitiesEdit

Vampires have many Abilities both mental and physical which they can use on Humans and other supernatural creatures.

Super Strength: Vampires are incredibly strong even newly turned vampires can easily best any human in a physical confrentation, vampires are so strong they can lift full grown people off the ground with one hand and thrown them around as if they were rag dolls, Vampires can easily brake bones, tear off limbs and rip out the internal organs of humans and supernatural species alike. this strength also grows in time, so the older the vampire is the stronger he is. the diet of the vampire also plays a huge part in this vampires who feed on human blood are at their peak strength wear as vampires who feed by other means are weaker then they should be due to their diet. Vampires can use this strength in combination with their speed after killing their victims in a blur of motion. Vampires are not stronger then werewolves if it comes to confrantation with a vampire and werewolf of the same age or close to it the werewolf will most likely win, Vampires are stronger then Kitsunes and witches.

Super Speed: Vampire are extremely fast they can move so quick that at short distances the human eye can percieve their movement fast enough so it appears as if they are teleporting but they are infact not doing so. over longer distances vampires appears as a blur. like the strength a vampires speed grows over time i.e the older the vampire is the faster he is. it is unknown if a vampires diet would effect their speed but as it does effect their strength it can be assumed it will effect their speed too. Vampires use this incredibly speed to quickly kill their prey or mulitple oppenents at once. Vampires are not faster then werewolves of the same age as them. they are faster then Kitsunes however.

Super Senses: Vampires have extemely keen senses they can see futher then any human (they can also see clearly in the dark without the need of a light) they can hear hushed conversations from far away and even hear someones heart beating, They can taste better then any human meaning tastes that would normally be hidden by other incridients would be detected by a vampire, They can also smell blood from far away and also catch sents of Humans,Werewolves and Kitsunes.

Psyic Purssaution: Vampires can control the minds of humans and command them to do whatever they want them to do, they can do this through to methods, 1 methods is the vampire telepathicly pushes a thought or command into the head of the human, willing them to do whatever it is the vampire wants them to do. the other method is through speech, vampires can verbally command humans to do anything they want and can even make them forgot. witches can make speical talismans to stop this from happening to humans, Werewolves, Witches and Kitsunes are immune to this power and do not need to have talismans for protection.

Telepathy: Vampires can communicate telepathically with other species so long as they have a telepathic ability too, Vampires cannot read minds of humans or other supernatural species.

Empathy: Vampires can sense the emotions of other and can easily interpret what their feeling, some vampires can even be effected by this and cause them to feel what the other person is feeling at the time, for instance if a human is feeling sad then a vampire could sense it and also replicate that feeling.

Enhanced Regeneration: Vampires can heal from wounds faster then any human,Werewolf,Kitsune or Witch can, physical wounds like stab wounds and gun wounds would heal in a matter of minutes, less serious wounds like small cuts and brusies will take seconds before they heal, the vampires diet greatly effects this ablity if a vampire feeds on human blood it will greatly increase the healing process but if a vampire feeds on animal bood it may take twice as long to heal. 

Immortaility: the second a human is transformed in to a vampire they will not age nor can they be effected by human afflictions and will live forever if not killed by conventinal means.

Dream Walking: Vampire can enter the dreams of humans to convey messeges or to torment them in their nightmares, they cannot do this to witches,werewolves or kitsunes. this ablity will also work on other vampires however if the vampire is stronger then he can throw you out of the dream at any time.

Transformation: Vampires can reveal their true form when they do this their eyes become a glowing red and their skin becomes black the grow sharp claws from their hands and have large bat like wings protruding from their back, they also show their sharp fangs when in this form.

Vamperic enchancement: Vampires can also partially transform showing just their claws,teeth or eyes when in a confrentation or if trying to remain undected in a public place.

Super Agility: Vampires can run,jump,move and climb with great speed and percision with little to no difficult, using their bat wings in their true form vampires can fly, they cannot show just their bat wings in human form their wings can only appear in their true form. this Agility is greatly increased depending on the age and diet of the vampire, Vampires are not as agile as werewovles. Vampire can also climb up walls and on ceilings easily.

Super Stealth: Vampires can also move as soft and quick as a shadow when stalking prey, they can move without being heard and track their prey for miles before finally killing them, they can use this stealth when climbing on walls and celings as well.


Vampires also have many weaknesses which both humans and supernatural species alike can use to their advantage when dealing with this species.

Invitation: Vampires can not enter the house of a human,Werewolf,Kitsune or witch without first being verbally invited in, however the person doing the inviting does not have to live at the house for it to work, any human within the house can invite a vampire in.

Decapatation: if the head of a vampire is removed then the vampire will die instantly, this is used as an excution method by some vampire clans.

Heart Removal: if a vampires heart is removed then the vampire will die instantly.

Werewolf Blood: if a vampire ingests or is stabbed with anything containing werewolf blood they will become sick and eventually die.

Broken Neck: Braking the neck of a vampire will cause the vampire to become paralysed for several hours however they can still talk to you even while in this state but they are of no danger.

Fire: Setting a vampire on fire will kill it if the flames are not doused quickly enough.

Reapears: Reapers can steal the souls of vampires, if this accures the vampire will become unconcious and will remain this way until his soul is restored.

No Blood: if a vampire does not get a healthy amount of blood, the vampire will become feral, then they will become sick, they eventually they will become unconious and remain this way until they get blood.

Sunlight: Sunlight does not kill a vampire but it does make them extremely uncomfortable specially in direct sunlight.

Stakes: If a vampire is staked in the heart they will die, if shot with wood  bullets in the heart they will die.

Magic: Vampires are vulnarable to the magic of witches

Courts: Most Vampires in a court save for its lord are often forced to do as asked by the court leader even if they do not want to.

Mirrors: Although the theory that vampires have no reflection is a myth, a mirror can show the true form of a vampire even if the vampire looking into the mirror is in human form, this is because mirrors are a true reflection of a persons soul.

Physical and Phsycological traitsEdit

Vampires are said to be souless monsters but this is not infact true, vampires retain their human emotions and even their own personality, however the second someone is turned into a vampire they are instantly cursed with a new uninsatiasable hunger which drives their every action until their lust for blood as been satisfied. although vampires can qwell the erge for blood they can never be rid of their need for it.


No one knows how the first vampire came to be some state it had to have been the work of powerful witches, however for a human to become a vampire that human must first be bitten by a vampire and then given that vampires blood, finally the vampire must then kill the human, this will cause the human to be rendered unconcious for a few hours before eventually being reborn as a vampire. if this is done to werewolves or kitsunes they will die hours after being transformed.

Vampire BloodlinesEdit

as stated before there are many different clans and courts scattered around the world now each with its own personality and order, however all clans have originated from the first vampire, 

Known Vampires in the series.Edit

Layla- the first vampire in recorded history.


  • Vampires do have reflections
  • all vampires originated from Layla's Bloodline
  • Crosses do not effect Vampires
  • Holy Ground does not effect Vampires
  • Holy Water does not effect vampires
  • the theory that if a vampire doesn;t feed he can't retain his immortality is a myth
  • Vampires are emotional creatures.