• Status: Extant
  • Book(s) 1+ onwards
  • Description: immortal humans who can turn into aggressive wolves.

Werewolves are the second species to be introduced into the new world series. werewolves are normally immortal humans who can turn into aggressive wolves there is only two ways to become a wolf and that's either by birth or by a bite.


the history of this species is one of speculation and myth however they are known to be the youngest supernatural species in exsistence. however like vampires all werewolves are desended from the first werewolf, like vampires werewolves primarily found strength in numbers, over the years many packs have been formed each having its own alphas,beta's ect 


werewolves do not have a specific diet and eat as humans do however they do have a particualr taste for meats, however werewolves do not have to eat and can function fine without it, in wolf form werewolves use their strength and their claws and teeth to kill their prey however they do not eat their kill.

Powers and AblitiesEdit

Werewolves have many abilities at their desposal when dealing with both humans and other supernatural species.

Super Strength: Werewolves are extremely strong even new turned wolves can best even the strongest human in a physical confrentation. Werewolves are strong enough to lift full grown people off their feet with one hand, they can tear off limbs,rip out organs and brake bones with ease. like vampires a werewolves strength grows in time i.e the older the werewolf the stronger he is. also like vampires werewolves can use their strength in combination with their speed to attack foes in a blurr of motion. Werewolves are generally stronger then vampires so if a werewolf is confronted by a vampire who is of the same age or close to it the werewolf will most likely win although this is not always the case.


Physical and Psycological TraitsEdit


Werewolf sirelineEdit

Known Werewolves in the seriesEdit